An Evening of Ancient Sounds and Flavors

26.07.2015 - "Ancient sounds and flavours in the olive grove" - the magical atmosphere of the Gulf of Limone. Take a pleasant stroll through town to discover the ancient culinary traditions of Garda, with music, and tasting sessions featuring local food and wine. The entire town wants to introduce tourists to the most genuine aspects of its culture with this food and wine tour in the most picturesque corners of Limone.
The tour has food areas where visitors can stop and taste typical Lake Garda cuisine and local wines, accompanied by music performed by classical, folk, and jazz musicians.

Price of the food and wine tour,
20,oo Euro

Art in the Alleys 2014 - 20.4.2015

The City Library of Limone sul Garda, with the aid of the Municipality of Limone sul Garda announces the event "Arte nei vicoli 2014" (Art in the alleys), programmed four times during the summer season.

Tuesday 19 May;
Tuesday 2 June;
Tuesday 16 June;
Tuesday 14 July;
Tuesday 28 July;

The Fishing Museum - 5.12.2012

The local council of Limone sul Garda decided to open the Fishing Museum in order to remind us of the history of the town's old trades, crafts and traditions.
Limone sul Garda used to be a small village very much based on a simple rural economy of olive growing and fishing.
In the 1700s it turned its attention to the construction on the l

Long life in Limone - 11.10.2012

Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda, the lovely town on the Western banks of Lake Garda (province of Brescia) with less than one thousand inhabitants, recently took the international spotlight for the "longevity protein" found in the blood of several of its citizens. Limone, which is nestled in between the mountains and the lake, has always been an isolated fronti

The lemon house of Castel - 3.4.2011

Limone sul Garda

After seeing the great number of visitors arriving last season, we realized that certain values and traditions must be revived and can become a tourist attraction for our client. More than 30,000 visitors are an important achievement that lets us understand what people are looking for when they plan their vacation. Tradition is an added value found

Guide Bike & Trekking - 1.4.2011

Limone sul Garda

The Town of Limone sul Garda: - Dear Guests, with this guide I would like to give a warm welcome to all the mountain biking, trekking and hiking enthusiasts who want to take advantage of a spectacular opportunity during their vacation in Limone sul Garda. Here in the splendid setting of our municipality and inland areas -

Citrus fruits from the Orient to Garda - 31.3.2011

Citrus fruits originate in China and India, but can be found around the globe. They first arrived in Europe with the Arabs around the year 1000. Several scholars believe that Sicily was the first Italian region to grown them, "probably under the Islamic influence  first,  and  then  under  the  Normans."

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