Limone sul Garda : The Parish Church of the Holy Benedict

Limone sul Garda

The parish church of Limone dedicated to Saint Benedict was built in 1691 by Andrea Pernis from Como above the ruins of an ancient Romanesque chapel. The church houses several masterpieces dating from the early 16th century and also contemporary works of sacred art.
It also owns the oldest known records of Limone, because up until the last c

Limone sul Garda : San Rocco

Limone sul Garda

This chapel, which is north of the old town center, was built in the mid 16th century by the townspeople of Limone who survived the plague that struck most of Northern Italy at the time. Saint Rocco supposedly traveled to Limone during the epidemic, which is why the church was dedicated to him. Over the next two centuries, the church was decorated

Limone sul Garda : The St. Peters' Chapel

Limone sul Garda

At the center of the olive grove on the road to Tremosine, you'll find the first church ever built in Limone: "S. Pietro in Oliveto" (St. Peter in the Olive Grove). This Romanesque chapel with one nave, which was mentioned in a document of Pope Urban III, has a small white marble font and marvelous frescos (one of which, in the apse, portraying Sai

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