Limone sul Garda is a small town on the lake that offers a unique opportunity to experience all the charm of Lake Garda.
The town organizes many events with entertainment, music, shows, exhibits, village fairs and more.
Its many independent associations work together to organize other cultural, sports and gastronomical events.
This list aims to promote the image of an area with many opportunities and events designed to satisfy both tourists and residents.

Calendar of Events 2017

Guide Bike & Trekking

Guide Bike & Trekking - 1.4.2011

Limone sul Garda

The Town of Limone sul Garda: - Dear Guests, with this guide I would like to give a warm welcome to all the mountain biking, trekking and hiking enthusiasts who want to take advantage of a spectacular opportunity during their vacation in Limone sul Garda. Here in the splendid setting of our municipality and inland areas -

Limone sul Garda : The history of Limone sul Garda

Limone sul Garda

The name of the town derives from the Latin word "Limen", which means border, but it is commonly believed that it comes from the typical local citrus fruit: the lemon. The earliest settlements of the people of Benaco (the ancient name of the lake) date back to the Neolithic Age (in the nearby Ledro Valley you can still visit the prehistoric pile

The Legend

Limone sul Garda

According to legend, the god Benaco fell in love with the nymph Fillide, who later bore him twin sons Grineo and Limone. The father wanted his first son to become a fisher and the second a farmer. Since adolescence, however, both youths loved to go hunting on Mount Baldo. One day Limone was attacked and killed by a wild boar. Fillide desperately

Limone sul Garda : J. W. Goethe and Limone

Limone sul Garda

Sailing from Torbole to Malcesine on September 13, 1786, J. W. Goethe (Frankfurt 1749 - Weimar 1832), one of Germany's most famous writers and poets, was thrilled at the sight of huge citrus fruit greenhouses: "This morning at three o'clock I set sail from Torbole with two oarsmen. The wind was favorable at first, so we made good use of our sails.

Limone sul Garda : Walks

Limone sul Garda

There are many opportunities for relaxing walks or invigorating hikes that will let you become more familiar with one of the most interesting areas of the Upper Garda region. In any season you can take a leisurely stroll along the beach from Piazza A. de Gasperi heading south to Nanzèl, walk along the lanes zigzagging through the olive groves, or e

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