Limone sul Garda :The 'Museum of curiosities

A small but interesting "Museum of Curiosities" was recently opened at the Centro Comboniano of "Tesöl". It contains an array of curious objects - primarily of animal origin but also manmade items - that have been collected over the years by Comboniano missionaries in every corner of the world and carefully cataloged.
There are many things to see: different types of rare shells, including a "Tridacna gigas" weighing 155 kg (one of the world's largest mollusks), an assortment of fossils of fish, mammals, and reptiles (Apatosaurus bones, dinosaur eggs, etc.), small marine animals and fossils (sponges, coral), a meteorite that fell in China in 1516, the teeth of five different types of sharks, a small collection of butterflies and insects, rare crustaceans, and the skin of a python and anaconda.
There are also prehistoric artifacts such as stone tools and weapons and several autographed photos of astronauts as a reminder of modern man. This is also an interesting destination for school field trips, also because students can also visit the Centro Comboniano garden with the typical Lake Garda vegetation.

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