Limne sul Garda : The 'Tesöl' Institute for Comboni Missionaries

It is an honor for our small town to be the birthplace of Saint Daniele Comboni (born on March 15, 1831), the founder of the Institutes for Comboni Missionaries. Therefore, we recommend a visit to the "Tesöl" Institute for Comboni Missionaries, where you will learn the importance of Saint Daniele Comboni's mission and appreciate the serenity inspired by this place. To make his dream come true, which was to "save Africa through Africa", Saint Daniele Comboni did not hesitate to involve the entire Catholic Church because he was convinced that he was doing "God's work". It was a daring undertaking at the time, but he was sustained by his unshakeable faith and boundless love, even though he risked his life several times during his missionary travels. Despite the difficulties he encountered, he never gave up. True to his motto, "Africa or death", he pursued his goal and ultimately founded the Institute of African Missions in 1867 and the Pius Mothers of Africa Institute in 1872. Monsignor Comboni devoted his entire life to his apostolic work in Africa and died in Khartoum (Sudan) on October 10, 1881, after a serious bout with malaria. The activities of his institutes continue with much success. Nearly one hundred years later, the Secular Institute for Comboni Missionaries was founded in 1969, and the Comboni Lay Missionaries group was established in 1990. For his work and heroism, Monsignor Comboni was beatified by the Pope John Paul II on March 17, 1996, in Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, and made a Saint on October 5, 2003.
At the "Tesöl" you can learn more about Saint Daniele Comboni's life and visit his modest home composed of a simple kitchen; his parents' bedroom, decorated with his framed letters to his parents; and the children's bedroom, which was connected to the kitchen by way of a wooden ladder. The chapel, which was built in the old cellar used to store wood, has an altar made of olive tree wood, a wrought iron tabernacle, and wooden sculptures by South Tyrolean sculptor Paul Mussner (the Holy Family, the Holy Cross and the lectern). The museum features a short presentation of the culture and people in the regions where Saint Daniele Comboni lived and worked. We also recommend a tour of the beautiful garden surrounding the institute. At the Comboni Institute in Verona, at Vicolo Pozzo, l (near the Teatro Romano of Piazza Isolo), you can visit the African Museum (hours: from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 3 to 6 p.m. On Sundays and bank holidays, it is only open from 3 to 7 p.m.)
In July and August, a free guided tour is available every Thursday that takes you through the olive grove and stops at Saint Daniele Comboni's birthplace. It also includes a short guided tour of the institute with a Comboni Father.

Limone sul Garda
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