Limone sul Garda : San Rocco

This chapel, which is north of the old town center, was built in the mid 16th century by the townspeople of Limone who survived the plague that struck most of Northern Italy at the time. Saint Rocco supposedly traveled to Limone during the epidemic, which is why the church was dedicated to him. Over the next two centuries, the church was decorated with frescoes and a bell tower was added, but was seriously damaged during World War I and only partially repaired. After several 16th century paintings were found in 1957, the church and its frescos were restored. Located in one of the favorite spots of town and accessed by way of a picturesque stairway that is always decorated with flowers and plants, it is one of the loveliest and most photographed parts of Limone. Mass is still celebrated in this church on August 16, Saint Rocco's Feast Day, and Holy Rosary prayer sessions are held in May.
And now, a brief note about the Saint Carlo Chapel in the old town center. This chapel, which is right below the S. Benedetto parish church, was built in 1905 by a woman from Limone in honor of Saint Carlo and in memory of her deceased husband, who was also named after the saint. The church was blessed, decorated, and also used for Sunday Mass. During World War I, however, it was temporarily used to store provisions and foodstuffs for troops.
In 1930, the altar and sacred furnishings were removed because the Curia preferred to channel its funds into the parish church that needed restoration. Therefore, the chapel was sold, but accompanied by a written agreement that it would be returned to the church if needed.
The chapel was used for Fascist gatherings and later confiscated for military use in World War II, then became a warehouse for private use. It has been used for charity events since the Sixties and contains no important works of art.

Limone sul Garda Limone sul Garda
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