Limone sul Garda : The Parish Church of the Holy Benedict

The parish church of Limone dedicated to Saint Benedict was built in 1691 by Andrea Pernis from Como above the ruins of an ancient Romanesque chapel. The church houses several masterpieces dating from the early 16th century and also contemporary works of sacred art.
It also owns the oldest known records of Limone, because up until the last century, the Curia entrusted parish priests with the job of recording important events in the lives of the inhabitants of Limone and taking a census of its population.
Holy Mass is said daily. Here is a list of its most important works of art (locations are numbered on the small map of the church). 1 - The Main Altar (1724) was built by Cristoforo Benedetti from Brentonico (Trento). The altarpiece (1574), "Deposition from the Cross", is by Battista d?Angolo from Verona, known as the "Moor". Framing this masterpiece are two paintings by Andrea Celesti (early 18th century): "Adoration of the Three Kings" and "The Last Supper of Christ in the home of Simon Farisae". 2 - The Altar of the Holy Sacrament (1699) was built by Silvestro and the Ogna brothers from Rezzato. The altarpiece shows "The Last Supper" (artist and period unknown).
3 - The Altar of the Holy Rosary (1704) was built by Cristoforo Benedetti. The altarpiece (early 17th century) is composed of these anonymous works: "The Holy Virgin with Child", "The Mysteries of the Holy Rosary," and St. Anthony and St. Jacob from Compostela."
4 - The Altar of St. Anthony of Padua (1696) is entirely made of intarsia marble and polished stucco. Its creator is unknown. The painting (1847), by Antonio Moro of Limone, is dedicated to St. Anthony, St. Francis and the Holy Family.
5 - The Altar of the Holy Cross (1721) was built by Cristoforo Benedetti. Its Baroque cross is made of boxwood: the sculptor is unknown.
6 - The main arch is decorated with a beautiful sculpture by Benedetti of the "Annunciation".
7 - The organ above the main entrance was built by Damiano Damiani in 1831. 8 - The stone baptistery (late 16th century) was commissioned by Saint Charles Borromeo, who visited the parish church on August 10, 1580.
The famous missionary and bishop, the Blessed Monsignor Daniele Comboni, was baptized in this church. Monsignor Comboni was born on March 15, 1831, in Limone. He left his hometown as a boy to study with Don Nicola Mazza in Verona, where he first met missionaries returning from Africa. He later decided to become a missionary. Monsignor Comboni was ordained on December 31, 1954, by Bishop John Nepomuk from Tschidderer in Trento, then left Italy and went to Central Africa where he devoted his entire life to the local people. "Either Africa or death", was his motto, and his mission was to "Help Africa together with the Africans". Pope Pius IX named him Bishop in 1877. Monsignor Comboni finally returned to Limone in 1879 to bless the Saint Benedict parish church. He returned to Africa and was stricken with malaria. He died on October 10, 1881 in Khartoum. On March 17, 1996, Pope John Paul II beatified Monsignor Daniele Comboni in St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. Monsignor Comboni was made Saint on October 5, 2003.

Limone sul Garda Limone sul Garda
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