Lake Garda : Hiking Itineraries

Lake Garda's alpine and excursionist refuges - From Nago to Castel Pènede
From downtown Nago, follow signs for the park and for Castel Penede. At the southern border of the park, near the detour for the edge of the cliff, a small road leads to the ruins of Castel Penede (40 minutes), which sits on a rocky crag and always played an important strategic role, guarding the road that connects Loppia to the Garda valley and to the Valli Giudicarie and Lomaso. Besides its historical and architectural importance, the location affords one of the most striking views of Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains. Below, the ancient road for Torbole cuts through the rocks eroded by the glaciers. A trail to the north leads to a grassy knoll: the small road to the left takes you back to Nago.

Departure: Nago (220 m.)
Arrival: Nago (220 m.)
Total difference in height (round trip): 70 m.
Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: T = Tourist. Includes itineraries on roads, mule trails and easy, well-marked trails that have no uncertainties, difficulty or problems with orientation. These routes are also suitable for beginners and first-time mountain hikers.
Period: all year
Map: Kompass n. 071, 096, 101
Access: from Mori or from Riva del Garda along state road S.S. n. 240 to Nago; parking.

Testo: Domenico prof. Fava

Useful Advice
Mountain hiking or trekking is an adventure and an experience that brings you in contact with the mountains and nature. Since some itineraries can be difficult for an amateur or untrained excursionist or mountain climber, caution is advised.
Clothing must not be exaggerated and always suitable for the season, taking into account the type of excursion, altitude and weather, which can change quickly in the mountains. Bring in your backpack sunglasses, a hat, a change of clothing, waterproof jacket with hood (the change of clothing, be it heavy or light, should depend upon the season underway).
Besides wearing the right shoes (mountain or trekking boots), bring a water bottle or another beverage, a first aid emergency kit, maps, and a Swiss Army knife.
Always notify someone of your excursion, and if you are not accompanied by family members or friends, speak with the staff at the reception desk in your residence or hotel, and let them know of your plans. Bringing a mobile phone with you during the excursion is very helpful and might come in handy.

These measures might seem extreme, but there are many potential dangers in the mountains, and you want to avoid them. In fact, it is better to be safe than sorry!

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